VideoStitch Studio v2.1 released

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After a first beta release a couple of weeks ago, VideoStitch Studio v2.1 is now released! It is available on our download page as VideoStitch Studio v2.1. This major update brings new exciting features, opening whole new horizons for 360 and panoramic video productions. Here’s an overview of the major new feature, read on :


Lens calibration tool: photometric calibration

Geometric calibration was improved, and a new post-production algorithm was added to complement the auto-calibration work-flow: the photometric calibration.

Photometric calibration will remove lenses’ vignetting effect. It also greatly improves exposure compensation on lenses with a lot of vignetting. It helps the exposure compensation algorithm, by taking the vignetting / camera response curve out of the equation.


Photometry calibration widget


Undo/Redo feature

Because sometimes you are not happy with the changes you made, and you want to start again from scratch, VideoStitch Studio now includes a history so that you can undo/redo your changes. It can be used for calibration, synchronization, exposure, and change of panorama size,  projection, and field of view.

History widget

Inputs cropping tool

You can now crop your inputs (whether circular or full fish-eye), directly from VideoStitch Studio UI.

Crop widget


Enhanced audio and video output management

As we are not all audio or video encoding masters, we simplified the graphic interface so that all not-compatible configurations are now filtered. We also added an audio converter, so that we now support more input audio formats, and you have more output codec choices (mp3 and aac). VideoStitch Studio supported input audio formats can be found on our FAQ.


New audio interface design


Compatibility with YouTube360

All output videos from VideoStitch Studio embed specific metadatas to be compatible with Youtube 360 player. Just upload your videos to YouTube, and you should be good to go!

Other noticeable improvements

  • VideoStitch Studio now uses relative paths for video/image input files
  • Improved blending for masks

So wait no longer … head to our download page and try out the latest VideoStitch Studio release !

Note: as of July 27th 2015, VideoStitch Studio v2.1.1 has been released, with some hot fixes. You can find the changelog here.

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Claire

  1. Can a video exported from your software be brought into Adobe Premiere and still work? Was wondering if audio soundtracks or text can be added using this software.

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