Calibration issue with Ricoh Theta

Hi, There,

I have been trying to connect my Ricoh Theta with Vahana VR. I have been following the instructions on how to doing so that was posted on FAQ.


However, since I have only Magewell HDMI->USB dangle as the capture device, I took a slightly different approach for creating the duplicated video input.

I used a HDMI splitter to duplicate the Ricoh Theta's HDMI signal into two HDMI signals. I then fed them into two Magewell dangle. 

Vahana VR had no difficulty in capturing the two video input and I got two duplicated video, one on left and one on right, each having two circular fisheye videos in it.

I then followed the instruction to use PTGui to create a stitching template. I finished all the steps on the instruction sheet and saved the template. 

However, when I uploaded the template into Vahana VR, it didn't generate the correct panorama video. 

I doubled checked my PTGui operations and made sure I followed all the steps on the instruction. When I used PTGui previewer to check my stitching result, I can see that two piece of images were overlapped in the front region while the back region was still in black. 

I played with the PTGui a bit. In the "Image Parameters", I played with Yaw, Pitch and Roll for the second picture to move the second picture to the back region of the panorama picture. After I done so, the PTGui previewer showed a roughly correctly stitched 360 degree picture. 

Assuming the PTGui issue got fixed, I save the template and uploaded it into Vahana VR. However, Vahana VR still couldn't do the stitching correctly.

Could you give me some hints on where I might be wrong?

Besides, do you have a working stitching template for Ricoh Theta that I may use for a quick test?





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