Guidelines for live setup posts

Welcome to the live setup topic in our Community.

Here you can ask for advice on what equipment would be the best tailored for your need and get access to the knowledge of our VR professionals community.

Here are a few guidelines for you to get the best out of our community

Take a moment to search before you post

Please look through the existing posts to see if the subject has not already been raised. There's a chance another customer already had the same needs and was provided with useful information.

Upvote the needs you share with other customers

The votes do matter. So if you see a setup that answer your need, take time to upvote it.

Provide details in your comment or post

If you find a post that matches your need, add a comment with details about your situation. If you don't find a post that matches your case, go ahead!

When commenting or posting, please consider providing information about what are you trying to accomplish, what information are missing so you can get the hardware you need, so we can get a better idea of how we can help you.


We will read your post

We read all of the posts that comes through this forum. We take every post seriously as it enables us to get to know what our customers wants to do.

That said, we can't answer to everything. Our volume of activity is quite high, and we have to prioritize both the features we develop, issues we correct and the discussions we engage in.


Thank you for reading to the end and for understanding how we address those posts. We value all feedback so never hesitate to share your thoughts!

Have a great day,

VideoStitch Support team (Jeremy & Tom)


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