VideoStitch PTGui workflow


I'm having trouble with calibration and would like some help, please.

Here's my process, so far:


GoPro Hero 4 Black, six cameras on a Freedom360 rig, where five point outward in a circle and one points up towards the ceiling/sky.


Video W

2.7K, 4:3


ISO:400 (outdoor), 1600+ (indoor)

PT: on (Protune mode)

OSD: on



SYNC METHODS: I clap at least once, to use audio sync later. I've also tried the motion (twisting of the rig) and pulling a bag off from over the rig. IMHO, the audio sync works the best, but I'm open to suggestions.


ORGANIZATION: I separate each clip into its own folder, sometimes with multiple take folders (Ex: Cam01 folder may also contain Take01, Take 02 folders). I rename each video to reflect which camera it is.

IMPORTING INTO VS: I drag each video, one by one, into VideoStitch and then open the Synchronization tab. The images are always sideways (is this where the problem begins?).

I reduce the timeline down to the area in the beginning where the audio sync happens. Next, I click on "Audio synchronization on sequence."

The Output tab shows that all the images are piled on top of each other.

After looking at some tutorials such as this one...

1.6 Workflow Videostitch and PTgui


...and the VideoStitch user guide, which I found here...


...I have the impression that I can Calibrate in VideoStitch only if I have a template (which I'm trying to make, since there are no options in the drop-down for "Rig" (see below--it just says "Custom").

I believe that the VS user guide mentioned that the default GoPro FOV is 120 and fullframe fisheye lens type.

PTGui: As I understand it, if a template is not already available, then I need to Extract stills to PTGui (is this correct?).

I loaded the images into PTGui and got the EXIF data box. My camera's data doesn't come up as a preset.

FOCAL LENGTH: I see on the page linked below that the "Wide FOV" for GoPro Hero 4 Black should be 17.2

(I'm making the assumption that "FOV," field of view, is kind of the same thing as "Focal Length". Is this one of my mistakes? I ask because the VS user guide said the GoPro default FOV was 120, fullframe fisheye lens type. The video tutorial linked above uses Focal Length 16,53 in the EXIF data box in PTGui; and another guy in another forum said the numbers don't really matter...) 


CROP FACTOR 1: The video tutorial I linked above, she said she uses a crop factor of 1.

PTGui Panorama Editor window: This is where I see strange shapes that don't really resemble panoramas. Sometimes the images are stacked in a square on top of each other. Sometimes it's a blob. Sometimes the 5 outward-facing cameras are all upside-down with the ceiling mixed up with the floor.

This is where I feel stuck. I'm pretty good at spotting and creating new, matching control points, but PTGui doesn't seem to make the images flip around to be correctly oriented.

Additionally, the camera that faces the ceiling always seems to give me darker footage, making it more difficult to see and connect control points (should I use a different ISO for the top camera?).

Help, please?


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