360 VR Drone Videos

Hello to all. Thanks in advance for your advice.

I am putting my cameras on my drones and I am looking for advice on ways to attach them and how to process the 360VR videos into a usable form.

1) My Cameras - Kodak SP360 (2 cameras) & Nikon Key Mission 360 (single camera)

2) My Drones - DJI Inspire & 3DR Solo (I have the Kodak mount for the 3DR)

Some of the issues I am dealing with.

1) Image stabilization to minimize or eliminate drone vibrations.

 2) Editing out drone feet from video.

Thanks again for your help. Also if anyone is interested in setting up a drone specific group for 360VR, please let me know. 

Feel free to contact me directly at dale@dalehonning.com


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