Intel NUC setup ?

Hi !

I follow your news and I saw that you have a partnership with Intel.

You will make Vahana compatible with Intel® Quick Sync Video, on a NUC.

I will soon invest on a setup with dual Intel Xeon and Geforce 780Ti in order to run a 6x Gopro 1440p, to get a final 4K 30fps.

But with this partnership, is it better to wait for your new" solution with an NUC and Quicksync ?

It said on the article that it achieve 4K and 30fps...

But the youtube live video here of the demonstration is very very poor quality :

Can I have your opinion on the Jeremy or Claire ?



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Hello Laurent,

The release date of the NUC compatible version has not been announced yet, so at the moment your best option is to go with a "standard" Vahana VR setup.

Regarding the configuration you intend on buying, i would recommend a better graphics card and a less powerful processor (as Vahana VR leverages mainly the graphics memory). A setup based on a Intel Core i5 and a Geforce GTX 980 / 980 Ti or one of the GTX 10 Series would be great.

The quality of the YouTube live is mainly due the limited bandwidth encountered there, which did not enable the best streaming quality.



VideoStitch Support Team

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