Vahana Specs / Capabilities

Hi There

Just about to download a trial with a view to buying and wondered if you could answer the following to save time:

1. What is the max resolution output to Occulus? Is there a delay / lag?

2. Are any other input cards other than Magewell supported? Are there plans for HDSDI input support at any point? And is the max resolution input on the Magewll cards 1080p or can it take 4K?

3. Is output to Occulus / Live Stream / HDSDI simultaneous or is it either / or when selected?

4. Will live Stream options work with Facebook Live 360 or just Youtube?

5. Can I use custom templates based on 5 or 7 camera configurations (for Red / Arri / Sony cameras) or is it only presets for Go Pro?

Any help appreciated!

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