How to set up an HTC Vive output in Vahana VR

Using Vahana VR, you can output your 360 stream directly to an HTC Vive plugged to the same computer used with Vahana VR.

We explain below how to set up this output.

Prerequisites : 

  • Steam and Steam VR are already installed on your computer.
  • Your Vahana VR output is already calibrated and ready to send to the HTC Vive

1. Room set up

This needs to be done every time you do your setup in a new room

The full procedure can be found here:

Please note that you might need to update the firmware of the base station or the controller:

Or if you have the consumer version:

2. Steam VR set up

Make sure you have enough space to use your HTC Vive and that the base stations are correctly placed.

Connect the HTC Vive to your computer via the USB and HDMI cables.

Turn the base stations and the Vive hub on

Start Steam and Steam VR, the status should be "Ready" with headset and base station icon in green

3. Vahana VR setup

Add a new output and choose the HTC Vive view: 

Go back to the panorama tab and enable the HTC Vive output by clicking on the HTC Vive icon

You should now be able to see your 360 panorama in the HTC Vive.

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