FOV values for common 360 rig and cameras

You can find below a list of FOV values for common rigs and cameras to use for the automatic calibration in VideoStitch Studio or Vahana VR: 

Freedom360 / 360Heroes GoPro based rigs: 120°

Elmo based rig: 185°

Izugar Z2XC (GoPro based): 194°

Izugar Z3X (GoPro based): 185°

Mooovr rig (Canon based): 180°

Kodak SP360: 235°

Gear 360: 195°

Mini Eye (Blackmagic based): 150°

Entaniya back-to-back Kit 220: 220°

Entaniya back-to-back Kit 250: 250°

Entaniya back-to-back Kit 280: 280°

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