How to stream to Microsoft Azure with Vahana?

Pre requisites : 

- You have a Microsoft Azure account and are connected to it

- You have a calibrated Vahana VR output with AAC audio ready to stream


1) Create a channel and a program in Azure

Connect to your Azure account and go to the Live tab

Right click in the channel window and click on Create channel : 

Create a channel with the following parameters : 

Right click in the program window and click Create program

Create a program with the following parameters : 

2) Launch the channel and program

Right click on the channel name then Start channel

When the channel is started, right click on the program name then Start Program

It might take up to a few minutes for the channel and program to start.

3) Setup the stream in Vahana

Retrieve the RTMP address to input in Vahana by clicking on the channel name, Display input URL and Primary input URL

Then copy the RTMP address that you're given

Then add the following at the end of the RTMP address : 


With channel name being the name of the channel you created in Azure, xxxx being the Max bitrate set in Vahana VR in kbps and yyy the audio bitrate set in Vahana VR in kbps

In this tutorial case it would be 


You can then start your stream in Vahana and retrieve it in your player :

In your Microsoft Azure account, click on the program name, then Playback the program and select the player you want to use for playback 

You can then see your stream : 

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