How to add a logo in a Vahana stream with ffmpeg

This tutorial suppose that you know how to set up a Vahana stream


There is currently no functionality to add a logo in a stream directly from Vahana.

You can find below a workaround on how to do it using a local stream and ffmpeg.


1. Prepare your logo

If you want your logo to be displayed correctly in 360 view you can follow the below tutorial to prepare it :

You will produce a tif logo.


2. Prepare a local livestream 

Set up a stream running locally on your machine.

You can find below a tutorial on how to set up a stream for Wowza :


3. Integrate the logo in the local stream and broadcast to your final RTMP address with ffmpeg

  • Download and install ffmpeg :
  • Put your tif logo in the bin directory of the ffmpeg install directory
  • Launch ff-prompt in the ffmpeg install directory, this will open a command prompt

  • Use the following ffmpeg command : ffmpeg.exe -i "rtmp://address of the local stream" -i YourLogo.tif -qmin 1 -qmax 1 -filter_complex "overlay=0:0" -f flv rtmp://address of the destination stream

Example of usage : 

ffmpeg.exe -i "rtmp://" -i LogoVahanapano.tif -qmin 1 -qmax 1 -filter_complex
"overlay=0:0" -f flv rtmp://

The result should be the following :

Local stream in VLC : 

Destination stream in VLC :

Destination stream in 360 player :

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