Can I use a Ricoh Theta with Vahana VR

Please note that the Ricoh Theta is not natively supported by our software. However we provide below a workaround to get a decent result.

This workaround does not work if you use Magewell HDMI-USB dongle


You can start calibrating your Ricoh Theta on Vahana VR by following the below steps:

- Create a new configuration for your Ricoh Theta and Edit the input

You should be able to retrieve the video stream from your Theta



- Duplicate the input in the configuration file :

  • Open with a text editor the configuration file saved in C:\Users\XXX\Vahana VR\Projects

where XXX is your Windows account username

  • Search the following lines in the configuration file :

"inputs" : [


"audio_enabled" : false

  • Copy everything between the accolades (including the accolades), you should have a code similar as below

"reader_config" : {
"type" : "magewell",
"name" : "0",
"pixel_format" : "UYVY",
"interleaved" : false,
"frame_rate" : {
"num" : 30,
"den" : 1
"audio" : false,
"audio_channels" : 0,
"audio_sample_rate" : 0,
"audio_sample_depth" : "0",
"builtin_zoom" : "none"
"width" : 1920,
"height" : 1080,
"mask_data" : "",
"no_delete_masked_pixels" : false,
"proj" : "ff_fisheye",
"ev" : 0,
"red_corr" : 1,
"green_corr" : 1,
"blue_corr" : 1,
"response" : "emor",
"emor_a" : 0,
"emor_b" : 0,
"emor_c" : 0,
"emor_d" : 0,
"emor_e" : 0,
"gamma" : 1,
"vign_a" : 1,
"vign_b" : 0,
"vign_c" : 0,
"vign_d" : 0,
"vign_x" : 0,
"vign_y" : 0,
"frame_offset" : 0,
"synchro_cost" : -1,
"stack_order" : 0,
"geometries" : [
"yaw" : 0,
"pitch" : 0,
"roll" : 0,
"center_x" : 0,
"center_y" : 0,
"distort_a" : 0,
"distort_b" : 0,
"distort_c" : 0,
"horizontalFov" : 90
"video_enabled" : true,
"audio_enabled" : false

  • Add a "," after the closing accolade and paste the selected code
  • Save and close the configuration file

- Reopen the configuration file in Vahana, you should now have duplicated inputs

If you want a PTGui template to start you can find one attached

If you want to prepare your own template you can proceed as below :

- Get a snapshot from Vahana using the Snapshot button

- Open the snapshots in PTGui (they are saved in C:\Users\XXX\Vahana VR\Snapshots)

- If prompted with the "Camera / lens data (EXIF)" window click on Cancel

- On the top right of the screen click on Advanced, this will add new tabs

- Go in the Lens Settings tab, select Circular fisheye lens type and enter 190 in the Horizontal Field of view and theoretical boxes and tick the Crop boxes in the "Use individual parameters for:" part

- Go in the Panorama Settings tab and select Equirectangular (for spherical panoramas) projection and input 360 as horizontal field of view and 180 as vertical

 - Go in the crop tab and crop the left circle for image 0 and the right one for image 1 making sure there is no black or blurry parts in your crop

- In the Project Settings tab

  • In the 'Align Images' behavious part, untick the Straighten panorama, Fit panorama, Choose a suitable projection and Set output.... boxes
  • In the Batch Stitcher actions part, untick the Do 'Align Images' ... and but only if ... boxes
  • In the template behaviour part, untick Panorama, HDR and Output Settings box

You can then save your template, it can be used as your starting point

For a better fit you can add control points and optimize to get a better stitching.

When your final template is ready you can import the template in Vahana VR :

  • Go in the configuration menu in Vahana then select calibration

  •  Then in the Import calibration, select your template file and click on Apply

If you encounter any issue with that tutorial, contact our support team providing your snapshots and remarks.

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  • 0

    Hi, the blog is really helpful, However, we were not able to retrieve the live stream from theta s. Any help will be appreciated.
    We can retrieve the live stream through quicktime, but the source is not showing in vahana.

  • 0
    Luis Hernandez

    Than you for sharing this information. I am excited to try this, utilizing the Vahana trial... would you mind sharing information on the video capture card that was utilized. I am assuming Vahana will not recognize the Theta simply via USB and will require HDMI input. Thank you!

  • 0
    Jeremy Camp

    Hello areshero.

    Can you tell me what is your setup?
    Which capture card are you using to capture the Theta feed?

  • 0
    Jeremy Camp

    Hello Luis,

    You can use Magewell capture cards, we often use the XI400DE-HDMI model.
    For a Ricoh Theta you would need only one HDMI input so that would be the XI100XE

    Please note that the Ricoh Theta is not natively supported by the software, we only provide a workaround for people who wants to use it. This workaround might not be usable anymore in future version of the software so i would not recommend using it unless it's just to test the software.

  • 0
    Iker Rivera

    Hi! to be clear with Luis Hernandez question

    " I am assuming Vahana will not recognize the Theta simply via USB and will require HDMI input"

    Is it possible or not to configure Vahana with Theta connected through USB?

    Thanks for your time ;)

  • 0
    Luis Hernandez

    Iker, it appears that it is no possible to configure via USB.

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