How to setup 4 Elmo cameras in Vahana VR

This tutorial aims to help you setup Vahana VR with 4 Elmos.


  • Vahana VR software up and running
  • Elmo rig + 4 Elmo cameras


The first step is to create a new configuration in Vahana VR.



Then edit your inputs (here we use a magewell capture card, you can also use magewell HDMI to USB dongles for example)

Elmo cameras input will be 1920*1080 at 30 fps

Please note that there is no audio coming from the cameras as of now (please check directly with Elmo for firmware updates enabling the audio)



Time for the calibration.

You have several options for the calibration:

  • Calibrate using a calibration template:



You can find a template for Elmo cameras attached at the end of this article


  • Using the automatic calibration:

For the automatic calibration, the parameters should be the following:

- Lens type: Full-frame fisheye

- FOV: 185


If the automatic calibration does not work on the first try, turn your rig a little and relaunch it again (repeat this step until the calibration is successful)

If the automatic calibration still doesn't work after several tries, please check our article on automatic calibration issues in Vahana


 You can now work on the exposure if needed.

Note: Elmo provides an application (QBIC) to handle the cameras directly from your phone/tablet. You can manage the exposure using this application

  • After connecting to the camera wifi network, select the master camera

  • Select "Live" (here "En direct")

  • You can now see the camera view

  • Touch your screen to make the camera options appear

  • Select "Exposure" and select your exposure level

You can also use the automatic exposure tool from Vahana VR.



 You are now ready to output your content.

Vahana VR offers several different outputs:

  • RTMP: in this article, you can see how to configure a Wowza RTMP output
  • HDD: You just need to select the output path and start the recording
  • Oculus Rift: See our article on how to setup an Oculus output
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