How to create a calibration with Hugin

To create a calibration template using Hugin you can follow the below procedure (after extracting the snapshots from VideoStitch Studio or Vahana VR):

- Open Hugin

- Load the images

- When prompted with the "Camera and lens data" window you can input the following parameter

  • For an Elmo camera:

  • For a GoPro camera:

- You will have a first preview of the panorama. The number of control points automatically found by Hugin is displayed on the top right.

- To add control points:

  • Go to the layout tab:

  • Click on one of the images, it will open a new window: Panorama editor

  • You can now choose any couple of images and add control points

- Then, go in the Stitcher tab and click on Stitch! you will be prompted to save the template

- To preview the result you can go back to the Assistant and Click on Align, this will take into account the control points


You are now ready to import your template in VideoStitch Studio/Vahana VR!


If you encounter any issue with that tutorial, please contact our support team providing snapshots from your calibration scene

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