How to solve a license issue?

Internet connection

To activate VideoStitch Studio, you will need an internet connection. Once you have activated your license, you'll be able to go offline. If you have a new license and cannot register a computer, please check that:

  • You are connected to the internet
  • Your firewall is not blocking the connection

License validity

Please also check that your license is compatible with the software you are trying to use:

  • VideoStitch Studio and Vahana VR licenses are not interchangeable
  • VideoStitch Studio v1 (Pro or Extended licenses) and VideoStitch Studio v2 licenses are not interchangeable. Please contact us at if you would like to upgrade.

Administrator rights

You could have troubles activating if you are using a shared computer.

In that case, make sure you're logging on an account with administrator rights.

Install on more than one computer

Last but not least, VideoStitch Studio license is a personal license. You can install it on two computers but you cannot share the license with another user.

Please also note that if you switch OS or change the hard drive, you will lose the activation.

Software marked as registered but watermarks on export

If there are still watermarks after activating the software, check that there is a license in the VideoStitch folder:

  • on Windows : C:\ProgramData\VideoStitch\videostitch.lic
  • on OSX/Linux : ~/.VideoStitch/videostitch.lic
    • On Mac OSX, go to your desktop (or any 'finder' window), and use the finder's "Go > Go to folder" menu (Shift + Cmd + G). Copy and paste~/.VideoStitch/ then press the 'Go' button to get there.
    • Copy the videostitch.lic file and paste it in ~/.VideoStitch/

On Mac, if there is no license there copy the license file from the /Macintosh HD folder. On Windows or Linux, the license to copy is usually copied at the root of your main disk.

If you still face an issue with your license, please contact us

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