How to add a logo at the nadir of my video?

Thanks to PTGui, you can easily add your logo at the nadir of your video.

  1. Import your logo as an image from a Rectilinear lens
    • You can play with the lens FOV parameter to change the logo size

  2. Set the panorama settings to match yours (usually equirectangular, 360x180°)

  3. Adjust image yaw/pitch/roll parameters to set the logo at the nadir
    • Pitch to -90 will send the image to the nadir, +90 will send it to the top
    • Roll will turn it around the nadir

  4. Adjust panorama width and height to match yours, and export the PTGui panorama as tiff with alpha layer


Now you are good to go, your tiff logo is adapted to your panorama! Just add it as an overlay to any existing video panorama thanks to the free ffmpeg tool for instance, with the command:

ffmpeg.exe -i your_video.mp4 -i your_logo.tif -filter_complex "overlay=0:0" output.mp4


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