What GoPro resolution should I use?

Most GoPro based 360 camera rigs require the cameras to be set to 4:3 aspect ratio video modes.

  • 4:3 video modes : 2.7K 4:3, 1440p, 960p
  • 16:9 video modes : 4K, 2.7K, 1080p, 720p

Compared to 16:9 video modes, 4:3 maximizes the vertical field of view covered by each camera, hence reduces the number of GoPro camera used. Available video modes depend on which camera model you own (Hero3/4, white, silver, black).

You should NEVER use the 'Superview' video modes when using GoPro cameras for 360 video production.

The following table provides guidelines for the maximum recommended 360 video output size depending on the video mode used : 

GoPro Hero 3/4

video mode *

Maximum recommended 360 video resolution

360x180 (equirectangular 2:1)

16:9 4:3
4K - 12000 x 6000
2.7K  2.7K 4:3 7680 x 3840
1080p 1440p 5440 x 2720
720p 960p 3840 x 1920

* this table applies to GoPro H3/H4 with unmodified lenses only.

The maximum recommended 360 output resolutions depends on the video modes and the field of view of the camera and does not depend directly on the number of GoPro cameras in the rig.




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