How to setup Kodak SP360 cameras to live stream with Vahana VR

This tutorial goal is to explain setup Kodak SP360 camera to live stream with Vahana VR

Kodak SP360 setup

  • Turn the cameras on and disable the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) on both cameras. Doing so will enable the best result for 360 full spherical output


  • Connect your cameras to your HDMI capture card (You can find the list of compatible Vahana VR HDMI capture cards here)
  • Press the Wifi button on both cameras

Before pressing the Wifi button

After pressing the wifi button

Vahana VR setup

  • Create a new Vahana VR project and select the inputs your cameras are connected to.
  • Your 2 Kodak SP360 feed should appear in Vahana VR

You can now use your Kodak SP360 cameras in Vahana VR.

For the calibration, you can use the template attached to this tutorial.

To stream to YouTube or Wowza you can follow our dedicated YouTube and Wowza streaming tutorials.


Note: if interested in using those cameras with a NUC contact us

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