Customizing Hugin's control point generator

If you intend to use Hugin to stitch GoPro videos, there are a few simple customization that can be made to greatly improve the result. Highly recommended :

1 - Open Hugin preferences, and go to the "Control point generator" setting tab.
2 - Chose "Hugin's CPFind (prealigned)". It assumes that the images are already aligned and that you are going to improve the alignement. This will speed up and improve the results when using templates ! However, it will not work if the images are not prealigned.
3 - You'll probably want to set this as the default control point generator
4 - Go to "Edit" so that we can customize the control point generator as follow :


5- Add the "--fullscale" flag will improve the results on video frames. You will find that Hugin generates much more control points this way, especially on GoPro videos


6- More advanced option can be set and will give even better results. The following arguments come from Hugin's documentation and have proved to give good results on GoPro camera footage.

Once this is done, you can just save the new configuration and do not need to worry about it anymore. The newly configured control point generator is now available in Hugins interface. And if you chosed so in step 3, it is also your default control point generator !

In VideoStitch, simply extract frames and open them in Hugin, or use the "Calibration>New ..." menu (Hugin should be set in your preferences). Then with the new Hugin project :

7- In Hugin chose "apply template" and select your camera template.
8- Chose the customized control point generator to generate control points

Once you are done, simply save the Hugin project and drop it on your VideoStitch project, or use "Calibration > Apply ..."

Notes :

  • You can import PTGui project as templates in Hugin, but may need to set the lens type manually. For GoPro camera, that would be fullframe fisheye
  • If you plan to use Hugin with VideoStitch only, we recommend using Hugin 2012.0 so that the Hugin project automatically updates each time you extract images from VideoStitch : 
  • If you don't know hugin yet, you can learn more about it on :
  • All CPFind options are described in detail on its dedicated documentation page :
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