Why did my calibration fail in Studio?

If your calibration is failing, before contacting our support desk please check the following:


First step: synchronization

Most of the time, if calibration fails it is because synchronization has failed. Please check that all your videos are well synchronized.


Check the camera settings

All your cameras need to have the same settings. Check-list before calibrating:

  1. Please do not use the camera zoom feature, or the GoPro4 Superview mode
  2. Choose the correct lens parameters when calibrating (for Gopros, the FOV is usually around 120)
  3. If you have circular fish-eye lenses, do not forget to crop the input images


Carefully pick your calibration scene

When setting up a shooting, the first step should be calibration:

  1. Check that your scene has enough details (if a camera is shooting 100% the sky, it will be hard to calibrate)
  2. Remove all close objects (cables, ...)


Try calibrating on several frames

VideoStitch Studio enables you to calibrate on several frames, if the calibration on one frame failed. Pick several frames with good scenes (see "Carefully pick your calibration scene), and try to calibrate on those ones.

  1. Pick a frame with the cursor
  2. Add it with the (+) sign
  3. Click on "1-Calibrate geometry"


Import a manual calibration


Please note that VideoStitch softwares are compatible with PtGui and Hugin, so that you can manually create a calibration if you couldn't have a good enough calibration scene. It can then be imported in VideoStitch Studio:


If this article didn't help you solve your calibration your issue, do not hesitate to contact support@video-stitch.com providing:

  • a description of your rig;
  • the parameters of your camera;
  • a snapshot of all the inputs, captured through the software (Edit > Extract stills to...)


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