How can I setup MistServer to test my local RTMP stream?

To test the RTMP streaming internally, we use MistServer. You can of course decide to use any other server.

First, install Mist Server :

  • Download version 2.6 from
  • Extract the package and run MistController.exe as administrator
  • In your internet browser, connect to localhost:4242 and
  • Go to the Streams tab and click on "New stream"
  • Create a new stream:
    • Select a stream name
    • Select push:// for source
    • Select max debug level 9 (for full complete log)



Then, in Vahana VR :

Create a new RTMP output (Configuration > Output > Add new output > RTMP)

Set the stream url to: rtmp://localhost/live/[stream_name]

Go in the panorama tab and click on the RTMP icon on the right

You can see the stream in the Preview tab of MistServer in your browser (/!\ requires an internet connection), or in VLC for instance.

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