Using an external calibration with Vahana VR

It is possible to import external calibrations in Vahana VR. These files are typically created using PTGui, Hugin and describe the 360 video rig geometry and lenses distortion. It is also possible to use VideoStitch Studio or Vahana VR files as calibration files.

To import an external calibration :

  1. Go to the configuration panel
  2. Select the calibration menu.


  1. Select the template you would like to use
  2. Import/update the template using the 'Apply' button
  3. Configure where the source video snapshots should be saved when using the snapshot buttons.

To extract images from the source videos, simply use the snapshot button. Existing images will be overwritten.


For an introduction to calibration with PTgui, this VideoStitch Studio tutorial provide all usefull informations that apply equally to Vahana VR :


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