What HDMI video signal do I get from GoPro cameras ?

For all video modes that have an image size equal or greatter than 1080p :

  • In PAL video modes, the HDMI output is 1080p50, regardless of the framerate and video sizes set on the camera. 
  • In NTSC video modes, the HDMI output is 1080p59.94, regardless of the framerate and video sizes set on the camera.

For 960p and 720p GoPro settings, GoPro cameras output 720p HDMI video.

We recommend setting the GoPro video mode to 1440p to maximize the camera field of view. Vahana VR corresponding settings are 1080p.

Make sure to check the official GoPro documentation for HDMI output.

In our tests, GoPro cameras have up to 3 frames of latency from sensor exposure to HDMI capture.


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