GoPros accessories needed for Vahana VR

To use GoPros with Vahana VR, you'll need:

1) A 360 live camera rig

You could in principle use any GoPros rig for 360 to do live, but having a live rig will be better for the cable management. The live rig are usually slightly bigger, so that all the cable go within the rig : it's cleaner, and it ensures no cable will go in front of the lens.

We recommend Freedom360 broadcaster rig.

2) Micro HDMI to HDMI cable

We recommend left angle cable because there is an USB port on the left side.

We recommend using those cables at

Be careful with the micro HDMI port, it's very sensitive to torsion, and without caution the connector could be damaged.

3) Power supply

For the power supply, we recommend to use an external battery adapter, otherwise the GoPros might overheat quickly and shutdown. 

With GoPro 3, two references you can order :

With GoPro 4 : 

  • Remove the internal battery of the GoPro
  • Use the USB to power the camera. 
  • Buy a usb hub with at least 3 Amperes to power all the cameras
  • Warning: in order to use the HDMI output, the hub should not be connected to a computer. 
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