What player is compatible with Vahana VR?

Vahana VR has a built-in real-time interactive preview of the 360 video.

The 360 video stream delivered by Vahana VR is a standard 360 x 180 equirectangular video, compatible with all the 360 video players currently available.

  • Krpano: Flash and HTML5/WebGL playing, supporting RTMP and HLS playback.
  • VRPlayer: open-source desktop video player that supports a wide range of formats and geometric projections as well as live streaming. Also, provides an Android app (4K isn't handled very well by the app)
  • SpherePlay: SpherePlay supports over 16 different immersive projection geometries in multiple formats of 2D and 3D. Support delivery of 4K & 8K HD spherical video playback and 360° immersive live streams. Available for Android, iOS version in development.

The following SDKs enable fast development of custom 360 video mobile applications:

  • Panframe SDK

The following 360 video players:

  • Freedom360 player iOS
  • 360Heros iOS / Android apps
  • Wemersive
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