How do I configure video capture settings?

The video capture settings are set directly in the .vah file, by defining specific properties of each input. These settings depend on the video capture hardware used on your system.


Magewell HDMI capture cards :

"inputs" : [
... "width":1280,
"reader_config" : {   "type" : "magewell_hdmi",   "device_id" : 0,   "name" : "Camera 0",   "builtin_zoom" : "zoom",   "fps" : 25 } ... },{ ...
"height":960, "reader_config" : {   "type" : "magewell_hdmi",   "device_id" : 1,   "name" : "Camera 1",   "builtin_zoom" : "zoom",   "fps" : 25 } ...

The device_id property is defined by Magewell HDMI. It starts at 0. If you have one XI400DE-HDMI card, it will go from 0 to 3, if you have 2 cards, it will go up to 7. The ordering number will stay the same if you don't unplug / remove cards.

builtin_zoom property can be set to zoom, fill or none. With GoPros, the default should be zoom.


The "width" and "height" properties of the input objects should match the actual HDMI video signal properties. If this are not set correctly, the source videos may appear incorrectly scaled. 

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