Recommended configuration



VideoStitch Studio

Vahana VR


Output type


Video files

Image sequences

RTMP broadcasting with H264 encoding

Save to local drive

HD/3G/6G-SDI with Decklink cards

Video input

Video files.

Typically from GoPro and Elmo cameras.

Magewell HDMI cards

BlackMagic Design Declink cards

Output fps **

25, 30, 60 fps


10bits, CUDA accelerated processing

Export sampling

8 bits / 10 bits


Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264



Demo setup



Intel Core i5 4670k

NVidia GTX 750 Ti

Core i7 3770k

GTX 980

Video in : 2x Magewell 4xHDMI

Video out : 1x Decklink SDI 4k

6x GoPro with Freedom360 broadcaster rig


Use case

360 video post production : take a seat in a racing car, experience scuba diving with whales, ...

Be There. Anywhere. Now.

Live stream concerts, shows, sports events, ... !

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