Nvidia drivers misconfiguration

Whether you are installing a new graphic card, multiple graphic cards or update your drivers, setting up new drivers can cause misconfiguration or drivers conflicts. In such situations, VideoStitch Studio will not start up.

Make sure you have manually uninstalled the Nvidia graphic display drivers from you system before installing new driversOn Windows, this is done from the system control panel, in the "install/remove software" section.

To complete the process, uninstall the graphic card from the system's "Device manager" : right click on the graphic card you would like to set up and select "uninstall".

If you need to ensure that your card is properly recognized and configured, we recommend using the CUDA-Z utility. It will provide you all the technical information you need about the available CUDA devices on your system. Make sure that the name and technical specifications of your device match those of your model.


Multiple CUDA devices configuration:

If you have multiple cards set up, one card misconfiguration may keep VideoStitch Studio from starting up.

Getting the drivers from Nvidia's website helps troubleshooting multiple graphic cards setup. You may find out that different graphic cards to use the same drivers in which case it is not necessary to set up the driver multiple times.



CUDA-Z sourceforge page 

Nvidia CUDA GPU's technical specifications

NVidia latest drivers download

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