What are the recommended settings for GoPro cameras? (and and action cameras in general)

The following is general advices for GoPro action camera arrays. For more information, please seek advices in our forum or directly from a commercial rig maker.


Shoot at high FPS

GoPro camera arrays (and DIY camera array systems in general) typically suffer from synchronization issues. All cameras in the array will not start together, and they need to be synchronized in VideoStitch Studio to avoid visible artifacts (cameras not moving together). This synchronization is accurate down to a recorded frame interval.

In order to reduce the synchronization artifacts to the lowest possible value, it is recommended to shoot at the highest possible frame rates. On a 6x GoPro Hero3 black edition array, recording at 100 fps still allows you stitch more than needs more web publishing.

Shooting with a static camera array allows to record at slower frame rates.


Lock the white balance

VideoStitch Studio provides automatic white balance adjustments. However, for best results with these cameras, it is highly recommended to lock all cameras' white balance to the same value.


Field of View

If you use a commercial rig setup, you want to follow your rig manufacturer's settings (in most cases that would be wide FOV).


Be aware of rolling shutter

Consumer cameras often use rolling shutter sensors that can introduce visible distortions in the videos. These distortions can become visible in the final stitched video.


Finally, make sure all cameras in the array use the same settings :)

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