What are the supported PTGui / Hugin features in VideoStitch Studio?

Supported PTGui/Hugin features:

Output panorama:

  • Global exposure & global white balance.

For each input:

  • Image size & crop parameters.
  • Orientation and position parameters: yaw, pitch, roll, viewpoint correction.
  • Lens geometric projection (see the list of input projections below).
  • Lens optical distortion (a, b, c parameters which respectively correcting: barrel, pincushion & wavy distortion).
  • Lens shift (d & e parameters).
  • Lens vignetting.
  • Camera response curve.
  • Masks (PTGui ‘red’ masks only).

These inputs parameters are the most important settings VideoStitch Studio imports. They define the geometric and photometric transformations of the videos.


  • Equirectangular
  • Stereographic
  • Rectilinear
  • Circular fisheye
  • Full-frame fisheye

Unsupported calibration features:

  • Viewpoint correction.
  • Masks (Hugin).
  • Blend priority.
  • HDR and exposure fusion.
  • Flare optimization (PTGui).
  • Image Shear: parameter on input images: g (horizontal shear) and t (vertical shear).
  • All projections that are not listed above.
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