Keyboard shortcuts

Video playback

Ctrl + J - Jump to frame

left/right arrows - Next/previous frame

Space bar - Play/pause video

Shift + End - Set last frame

Shift + Home - Set first frame


Working with calibrations

Ctrl + E - Extract image dialog

Ctrl + Shift + E - Extract image without dialog

Ctrl + T - Apply calibration

Ctrl + Shift + T - New calibration

F4 - Re-apply latest calibration 


Working with keyframes (VideoStitch Extended)

Right click on the Extended timeline to access keyframe edition.

Ctrl + K - Add keyframe at the current frame

Shift + select keyframe - Adds keyframes to already selected keyframes

Alt + select keyframe - Removes keyframes from selection


General shortcuts

Ctrl + D - Open the project directory

F5 - Reload project (reloads the current VideoStitch Studio project in its last saved state)

Ctrl + S - Save project

Ctrl + Shift + S - Save as

Ctrl + N - New project

Ctrl + O - Open project

Ctrl + X - Exit VideoStitch Studio


Feel free to suggest shortcuts in our forum.

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