Can VideoStitch Studio process image sequences (eg: time-lapse)?

While image sequences are not supported in VideoStitch Studio v2.0.0,

it is still possible process image sequence projects using command line.


You can already start stitching time-lapse footage by editing the *.ptv file manually to, here's how:

  1. Open the VideoStitch Studio project (*.ptv file) with a text editor.
  2. Replace each input file name property by the name containing an image sequence pattern.
  3. Open the project in VideoStitch Studio (use Ctrl+F5 to reload the current project).

The pattern can be used anywhere in the file name and follow this convention:


% - marks the beginning of the pattern.

0 - the 'blank' character used by the pattern, usually zero.

n - an integer (0~9) the length of the pattern.

i - marks the end of the pattern.

For example:

%03i: 000, 001, 002, 003 ...
%05i: 00000, 00001, 00002, 00003 ...

The file name is on line 40 in this example:


 For which this pattern ../%03i_A.jpg describes the following image sequence:



The project will open normaly in VideoStitch Studio. However, there's one limitation:

  • If your image sequence doesn't start from 0 VideoStitch Studio won't auto detect the first frame. To overcome this limitation, you can set the project's first_frame parameter directly in your *.ptv file.
  • Make sure to keep a backup of the project you've manually edited. And use the "save a copy and send to batch" option for processing. This will avoid overwriting the first_frame parameter when working on your project.


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