Intel and VideoStitch announce collaboration

Las Vegas, USA, January 7th, 2016 – VideoStitch, the leading company offering Virtual Reality video production solutions, showcase their solution at CES to create 4K Live 360 video streaming with the support of Intel enabled hardware.

VideoStitch’s innovative solution Vahana VR takes multiple cameras inputs and creates a single high-resolution panoramic video in real-time that can be streamed directly to the cloud. This showcased system combines the portability of Intel hardware systems with the versatility of Vahana VR in supporting any number and type of camera inputs.

According to Intel executive Jean Pierre, “Intel is working with Videostitch to deliver a 360° 4K live events broadcast re-transmission for home users. On the Intel booth we demo Live 360° stitching at 4K quality. The Live stream is taken from 6 action sports cameras that is stitched live on a Premium Notebook with 6th Gen Core processor. Videostitch’s Vahana VR technology is getting optimized for latest platforms from Intel. Videostitch is announcing that it is currently developing live stitching software that incorporates Intel’s Quick Sync technology, with an expected release mid-2016. This will seriously help deliver a better 360° immersive entertainment experience.”

You can experience Vahana Live stream at the BMX ramp and one in C2 lobby and at the Noa Neal spotlight theater segment area with one performance each day. At the Noa Neal show, you can enjoy the live 360° 4K video streaming with a VR headset connected to a 6th generation Intel Core Processor Platforms. Live streaming demos are conducted in partnership with Wowza Media Systems using its Wowza Streaming Cloud service.

VR Video VideoStitch Vahana
VR live streaming enabled by Intel and VideoStitch at CES

About VideoStitch

Founded in 2012 by Nicolas Burtey, VideoStitch is focused on bringing the highest quality Post-production and Live 360° video content creation software to content producers and creatives all over the world. To provide live, life-like VR experiences of the real world, VideoStitch built a set of proprietary software reducing cutting-edge video stitching to a few milliseconds. VideoStitch has over 1000 customers in 45 countries including entertainment, media and Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, Red Bull and Sony Entertainment. It has raised $2.75m to date and has offices in Paris and San Francisco.

About Intel

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) makes the most amazing experiences of the future possible. Intel’s innovations expand the reach and power of computing in personal devices and enterprise servers, the Cloud, make the Internet of Things smart and connected, and help ensure the security of our digital lives. The work of the company’s more than 100,000 employees transforms businesses, propels new discoveries and improves human experiences.

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