360 video works in 3 steps | Capture, Stitch & Playback


By using multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view, it is possible to record an entire 360×180 degree field. Compact cameras with excellent image quality and wide angle lenses are best suited for this purpose and building arrays of GoPro cameras have proved an efficient solution to record 360 video.

VideoStitch supports virtually any camera, so can even go DIY and develop the solution that fits your exact project’s requirements. Though designing a proper camera setup requires some advanced understanding of the stitching process involved.



Stitching turns the individual videos into a single, high resolution, seemless panoramic video.

The resulting video typically covers 360×180° field of view in a “world map” style of geometric projection at 4K resolution. Other geometric projections and resolutions can be targeted, like the cool looking “little planet” effect, or circular fisheye for immersive dome theaters.

VideoStitch is packed with features to produce stunning 360 videos and get the best out of you 360 camera rig :  Input synchronisation, exposure and white balance, anti vibration stabilisation, orientation control.



360 video is delivered as regular video file or stream. The interactive video player then remaps it to show only the entire field of view the user is looking at.

It works out of the box in most modern desktop web browser, and using the ubiquitous Adobe Flash player on older browser. Recent smartphones all support HD 360 video playback in native applications. While ‘augmented’ video content and head mounted devices such as the popular Oculus provide an astonishing immersive experience.