Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Reviews – Detailed Guide

Technology has driven people and impacted our regular lives but during vacations and outings, people are often seen to stick to the traditional forms of photography by using cameras. Fujifilm, one of the oldest camera companies in the world released Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 mainly for this purpose. It is an instant photo printing camera by the company costing just $69 approximately. The product is available in various colors and is just perfect for kids who are highly interested in photography from their young days.

A Brief Information About Fujifilm Instax Mini 9:

Instax Mini 9 by Fujifilm looks just like a little toy. The camera, however, is very handy and can be considered as an important traditional photographic hardware that is still in use. Instax Mini provides on spot printed photos with several effects. The longevity of these photographs is mostly high and you can easily dwell back into your childhood memories from these pictures. The product is mainly designed for people who prefer a nostalgic living.

Fujifilm Instax at a Glance:

  • A capable selfie – mirror attached on the front of the gadget
  • The camera is available in different colors
  • Fun size film
  • Portable camera with a fashionable outlook
  • Accessory kit attached with hi-tech facilities
  • Available all over the world at affordable prices
  • Handy and easily usable with the least number of hardware issues from the manufacturing end

Key Specifications:

  • Has automatic exposure for simple and easier operations
  • A special featured close-up lens attached with this camera for capturing the macro photos.
  • This camera is portable so it is easy to carry anywhere
  • The design is funky and attractive

Special Features Include:

  • Brightness adjustment key: Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 can automatically regulate the brightness in different places. It determines the best options regarding brightness while you take a snap. The automatic features inform you about suitable settings by enhancing the source of light.
  • Selfie Mirror: It is an era of the smartphone. That’s why Fujifilm brings their Instax Mini with interesting features of the selfie mirror. By using this you can check your proper framing before the final click.
  • High shutter speed: Along with those features Instax Mini is special for its shutter speed. It takes 60 minutes per shutter. From the other instant cameras, Instax Mini takes a shorter time for a shutter.
  • Flash specification: With an excellent light-adjusting facility, Instax Mini 9  has a constant firing flash capability that makes the product more attractive among the users.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a phenomenal camera that has got some amazing constituent materials. It has got a delicately installed Integral film, pack film, Roll film, and Sheet film. This camera has got the most efficient factor that is known as sheet film, which is 4X5 inch large, with an efficient time peel with professional-grade equipment. This small camera has got some fantastic hardware installed. The Polychrome CS and HSP along with 35mm slide films make it an efficient camera.

Now let us bring our focus to some of the silent features of this camera:

  • The Roll film has got 20 series of Swinger.
  • 6 exposures installed in 48 polar colors.
  • Fujifilm has got an amazing Captive integrated vision (4.4 X 2.5 inch, 11.1 X 6.4 cm).
  • The integral film consists of 330 auto series for Polaroid CB-33.
  • The spectra image plays the most vital part by automatically developing images.

These are the few characteristics that make this product unique along with a wide range of demand from its customers


Instax Mini 9 can create a dreamy effect in their photos. This Fujifilm instant camera is more like the traditional film of the ’80s.  The exposure automatically can correct your snap easily. Vibrant colors and some plenty of photographic abilities it can perform better than any other rivals in the market.

  • The focus is almost accurate
  • It can copy anything from 2m distance
  • By using viewfinder Instax Mini captures the line-up shots
  • When it is too sunny, Instax Many 9 cannot control its brightness adjusting apps.
  • The camera is best for one-handed use.
  • Photo quality enhances with the gradual development of their inbuilt hardware.
  • Instax Mini 9 uses AAA batteries with ISO 800 rating and it can work 9 hours long without interruption.

Pros & Cons Of Fujifilm Instax Mini 9:


  • Instax Mini 9 is the cheapest camera in the market with lots of attractive features
  • This instant camera packs with some least expensive films that are affordable for its all users
  • Automatic adjustment features make it best among others.
  • Selfie lens in font side is one of the thoughtful addition
  • A traditional item with trendy and latest features
  • The hardware is recyclable
  • It is easy to use


  • The pictures are not so clear. Lack of clarity makes those photos not so good-looking
  • The exposure of the camera is not always accurate
  • It has a trend to overexpose its photos in bright conditions
  • The creative modes of the camera are fewer than other rivals in the market.
  • According to the expert’s opinion, the cost per photo is not so economical.
  • Sometimes the product is irrelevant for the modern techno-smart society.

Customer Feedback:

According to the Customer’s feedback Fujifilm Instax, Mini 9 gets several points regarding its outstanding performance.

Budget-friendly Yes
Customizable options are available Good
Picture quality enhancement criteria Good
In-built features Satisfactory
Auto-adjustment features Excellent
Battery life Good
Picture Clarity Bad

 As per the analysis of customer feedback, it can be commented that the product has been able to develop a sustainable market in various parts of the country and has become a favorite mainly among the children. The customers are also satisfied with the price of the product and often remain involved in buying the product repeatedly before going on a vacation or tour.


This is the ideal camera for beginners and learners as well as it is compatible with those who have a keen interest in instant photography. It has most of all things you need to get a new experience with an instant camera. Using this camera on a daily basis would not be very economical. If you are looking at the cost of $0.5 per photo then it is not so budget-friendly for you.

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