Audio capture from Zoom H2n

      Audio capture from Zoom H2n

      Hi all.

      I am wanting to capture better audio than is possible to obtain from the internal mics on my GoPro cameras... I am also messing about with the idea of multi channel audio...

      So... what I need to know is. Can I use something like a Zoom H2n recorder ( with Vahana to capture my audio?
      Stereo is the first step, but the H2n can create 2 x stereo outputs so will Vahana detect both stereo pairs? As it would be nice to create some kind of 3D positional audio...

      Also...Regarding future features, a simple audio mixing tools within Vahana would be nice... maybe? :)

      Please let me know what you think

      Many thanks

      Someone in the office has just asked me if I had a response about my audio question posted on the Vahana message board... I replied no... He then asked if we had I licence for the software, I replied no... He then suggested that that may be why I haven't had any assistance... I replied... Why would I buy a one year licence for software that is not finished and has no tech support...

      Office banter is great... Come on Vahana / video stitch join in.....

      Many thanks.

      Hello Paul,

      Vahana VR currently reads sound from the operating system microphone. This means all the audio sources detected by your windows environment can be used (any microphone plugged in, not only your cameras).
      However as of now we do not provide multi channel functionalities.

      We're currently working on 360 audio functionalities but i currently have no info as to when these functionalities will be available.

      Which audio mixing functionalities would you like to see integrated in Vahana?


      VideoStitch Support Team

      I am playing around with the idea of using ip cameras with Vahana. The image from the cameras work well, but I keep getting the same message... No supported audio input was found... Maybe Vahana doesn't support g.711? However, when using procedural inputs during testing I cannot select internal audio and I get the same massage... No supported audio input was found...

      Any ideas?

      As for what mixing functionality I would like, lets not get too carried away... I would just like to be able to select any audio in from any source... :)

      Thanks for responding to my original inquiry.

      Many thanks