set sound source to Realtek audio(onboard device)

      set sound source to Realtek audio(onboard device)


      I am trying to set sound source to Realtek audio (onboard device) on edit input window.
      But Vahana shows error message and next logs.

      [2016/03/08 18:44:44] [OpenALCapture] Cannot open audio capture device �}�C�N (Realtek High Definition Audio)
      [2016/03/08 18:44:44] Error: couldn't create the reader for plugin 'openal.dll'
      [2016/03/08 18:44:44] Error: Cannot create reader for audio-only input. Trying to continue...
      Inputs added to project
      Failed to apply the desired / current configuration to the inputs

      What is wrong for setting sound source to Realtek audio?

      Incidentally, Vahana can set sound source to another audio devices
      (Exp. USB audio device).
      And, I try on next system.

      App version: VahanaVR-v1.1.0.beta5-vahana110beta5
      Output Device: DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G (with Blackmagic Desktop Video Windows 10.5.4)
      Capture Device: MAGEWELL Pro Capture Quad HDMI
      GPU: GeForce GTX 980
      CPU: Xeon E5-1620v3 3.5GHz
      Audio :realtek High Definition Audio(onboard)

      It would be helpful if you had any advice.