Facetime for PC Download – Is is Available Officially?

Facetime for PC

FaceTime is the most popular video chatting application designed for Apple devices. However, Windows PC and Android users are not allowed to download the FaceTime App on their device as it is restricted to only Apple devices. So, there is no way to use FaceTime for PC, but there are some other alternatives which can give the same video chatting experience like FaceTime on Android and Windows PC. Below you will come across with some great alternatives to FaceTime App which you can use on your Windows PC and Android devices to make video calls and send text messages like FaceTime App.

FaceTime for Windows PC and Android – Available?

Facetime for PC

FaceTime App was first introduced in the year 2010 at Company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. On the launch of the application the CEO of the company has stated to the attendees that they are going to launch a new video chatting application called FaceTime and it is going to be an open industry standard application. This indicates that developers can create any software that is compatible with FaceTime. This has opened doors for many 3rd party developers to develop alternative to FaceTime for PC and Android.

Soon after the launch of the application, the iOS developers have also introduced the Mac version of FaceTime App. Now Mac users can download FaceTime App on their Mac PC to make video calls between Macs and iOS devices. But, still, no Windows PC users and android users are allowed to download and make use of FaceTime App on their respective devices. To make calls and send text messages from applications, they need to look for the alternative of FaceTime App. There are many which give you the same chatting and video calling experience like FaceTime on your Android and Windows PC.

Best Alternatives to FaceTime for PC & Android:

People must not get disheartened knowing that FaceTime for PC is not available. There are many alternatives available that offer you with same video chat features and make video calling a breeze, regardless of the operating system you are using. As long as you and the person you want to chat with have the same program, you can enjoy video calls regardless of the operating system and devices you both are using. Below is the list of some popular alternatives of FaceTime App which are worth downloading for optimal video chat experience.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most popularly used video chatting application and it works smoothly on a variety of platforms including Linus, Android, iOS, Windows PC and other platforms. The application is totally free to use and you can even record Skype video chats at no additional cost. It even allows the users to make long distance calls to a phone number directly.

2. Google Hangouts

Another popular video chatting and texting application is Hangouts by Google and this platform offers video and text support for macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Since the application is masterly integrated into the Google ecosystem, it allows you to make video calls from the interface of Gmail.

3. WeChat

WeChat is another popular video chatting application with over billion users across the world. This is the video chatting application that has an international appeal. The application supports almost all the platform and it is extremely popular in China. It is being commonly used to communicate with people via text messages and video calling.

4. Viber

This is the Android application designed to be used on varied platforms including Windows PC and iOS devices. The application claims to have the largest users across the world which is over 500 million users. This application is considered to be the ideal choice for connecting with people at an international level. The application is free to use and has no ads and it supports multiple languages of your choice.

5. Glide

This is the video chatting and text messaging application which allows the users to even record short video clipping and share them with friends or watch them later. It allows the users to create a huge group of 50 people and it supports multiple platforms including Windows PC, iOS and Android.

These were some of the best alternatives of FaceTime for PC which you may use to enjoy same video chatting and texting benefits like FaceTime App.

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