Changelog v1.2.0 beta3

Release Notes – VideoStitch Apps – Version v1.2.0 beta 3

[VSA-1446] - Upgrading from Pro to Extended can now be done in the 'Help > License' menu
[VSA-1461] - disable yaw/pitch/roll and display warnings when ouput is not fully spherical
[VSA-1465] - Improved warnings when the driver is lost an VS needs to be restarted
[VSA-1504] - Display disabled yaw/pitch/roll adjustements when these aren't used
[VSA-1512] - Diplay orientation and exposure adjustments under dedicated menu branches in VideoStitch Extended's timeline
[VSA-1525] - Improved windows installer behavior when VideoStitch is opened
[VSA-1529] - Improved exposure manual adjustment in Extended timeline
[VSA-1575] - Extract images now uses 2 digits when there are more than 9 inputs for improved PTGui/Hugin campatibility
[VSA-1589] - Timeline "right-click" menu adjustments to avoid mistakenly clearing the timeline
[VSA-1596] - Minor improvements to the process tab layout
[VSA-1602] - Improved warnings when importing PTGui free trial projects and corrupted calibration templates
[VSA-1618] - Improved support for sphericam footage when video is malformed
[VSA-1620] - Improve timeline timestamps with malformed NTSC footage
Bug Fix
[VSA-1588] - Fix a bug with timeline update in the source view
[VSA-1595] - Send a project to the batch stitcher was opening new batch instance in 1.2.0 beta2
[VSA-1592] - Fix timeline position and zoom being reset upon resizing
[VSA-1609] - Fix a memory leak that was introduced in 1.2.0 beta1 and would cause GPU memory usage to increase significantly
Known issues
[VSA-1615] - Crash when using multi GPU on VideoStitch Free trial
Posted on February 6, 2014 by Nils Duval

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