Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v1.2.0 beta2

Release Notes – VideoStitch Apps – Version v1.2.0 beta 2

[VSA-800] - Don't apply masks upon image extraction
[VSA-920] - Improved process tab layout
[VSA-982] - Improved manual offset input validation in synchronization
[VSA-1194] - Don't allow duplicates in the batch stitcher
[VSA-1321] - Consistant timeline height
[VSA-1336] - Improved keyframe selection
[VSA-1337] - Remove keyframes from selection using Alt key + selection
[VSA-1384] - Improved color correction keyframe adjustment range
[VSA-1420] - Improved timeline layout
[VSA-1442] - Improve timeline startup 
[VSA-1475] - Add the ability to clear a sequence of exposure/wb adjustments from the exposure widget
[VSA-1482] - Display clean anchor input number in exposure widget
[VSA-1484] - Always clear the EV/WB value before computing a new exposure/wb correction pass
[VSA-1501] - Display more usefull informations on activation
[VSA-1519] - Format and validate timecode with a dedicated type of input field
[VSA-1521] - Add the abilty to reset all exposure/wb adjustments from the exposure widget
[VSA-1534] - Apply activation without restarting application
[VSA-1562] - Move output projection and hfov to process settings panel
[VSA-1563] - Diplay warning for unsupported yaw/pitch/roll keyframe adjustments
Bug fix
[VSA-1038] - Fix top and bottom 1px black line in openGL preview
[VSA-1300] - In some cases, masks would apply with an offset
[VSA-1389] - In some cases inputs could be removed from the GUI when they were not supposed to be
[VSA-1414] - In some cases, timeline range could become greater than footage length 
[VSA-1421] - Improve OSX startup screen layout
[VSA-1438] - Encoding can't be set with GOP = 0 anymore
[VSA-1441] - Fix a deadlock when playing to the last frame of malformed video files
[VSA-1459] - Maximum output size button was broken
[VSA-1489] - openGL preview, equirectangular display bug 
[VSA-1494] - Horizontal zoom was broken whenever a keyframe is added on the timeline
[VSA-1539] - Fix image path on "new calibration" with PTGui on OSX
[VSA-1547] - Fix spinboxes keybord input on OSX
Posted on January 24, 2014 by Nils Duval

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