Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v1.2.0 beta1

Release Notes – VideoStitch Apps – Version v1.2.0 beta 1

[VSA-967] - Standalone batch stitcher
[VSA-651] - Keep track of the last applied calibration reference
[VSA-686] - Keyboard shorcut to re-apply the last applied calibration
[VSA-817] - Add global exposure manual adjustment to the timeline
[VSA-845] - Allow per-input White Balance adjustments in VideoStitch
[VSA-984] - Command line support for auto exposure / white balance
[VSA-1392] - Multiple keyframe selection
[VSA-1251] - Auto exposure / white-balance, Anchored to a given input
[VSA-664] - Stabilize white-balance
[VSA-180] - Display an asterisk (*) in the main window title when project contains unsaved changes
[VSA-663] - Interactive view, avoid black corners at max FOV
[VSA-675] - log system refactoring
[VSA-719] - More flexible synchronization offsets adjustment
[VSA-745] - Display PAL and NTSC framerates 
[VSA-794] - Handle folders for which users don't have write permission
[VSA-831] - Ignore check-boxes when doing audio/auto synchronization
[VSA-844] - Change 1000x500 to 1024x512 for consistency with encoding
[VSA-849] - Move time consuming algorithms progress to modal windows
[VSA-850] - Display a warning when crop is not supported
[VSA-876] - Allow image sequence to be displayed in the GUI
[VSA-881] - Ignore PTGui WB adjustments when applying template
[VSA-907] - Improved default procedural settings
[VSA-935] - Warnings if no calibration tool is specified
[VSA-945] - Support more colorspaces
[VSA-949] - Support plateform specific GUI styling
[VSA-959] - Improved warnings in the process tab
[VSA-986] - Improved OSX 10.7 support
[VSA-1022] - Update library from Cuda 5.0 to CUDA 5.5
[VSA-1037] - Open project folder from the GUI 
[VSA-1040] - Block OSX "dictation";
[VSA-1053] - Don't use yaw/pitch/roll in the timeline if the projection doesn't yet support it
[VSA-1061] - An option to remove existing keyframes in the auto exposure / white-balance dialog
[VSA-1068] - Make the GOP/Bframes options available again in the GUI as advanced settings
[VSA-1083] - Update size spinbox increment to match recommended encoding guidelines
[VSA-1098] - Remove un-necessary warnings for procedurals
[VSA-1149] - remove the -beta flag for the editable timeline 
[VSA-1303] - Add a welcome message to VideoStitch
[VSA-1323] - Add .mov output container support
[VSA-1401] - Check for update channel for beta versions
[VSA-412] - Disable synchronization for still images
[VSA-486] - Superpose mask + input in source view
[VSA-652] - Prevent some unnecessary stitcher reloading
[VSA-665] - Erroneous global yaw/pitch/roll values result in project lost
[VSA-669] - Random crash when switching between tabs
[VSA-697] - Could not decode mask data error
[VSA-714] - Toggle Play/Pause sometimes loses playback control 
[VSA-721] - Can't replace procedurals with video files
[VSA-848] - Crash report : multiple exposure compensation pass
[VSA-788] - Bezier curve jerky playback in some situations
[VSA-823] - Template mismatch results in crash
[VSA-843] - H264 validation sometimes fails when it shouldn't
[VSA-875] - Linux - Truncated WB values when loading a ptv
[VSA-886] - Modified state not managed properly when changing some settings
[VSA-918] - Support image sequences not starting from 0
[VSA-1154] - In some rare cases, exposure doesn't apply upon processing 
[VSA-1315] - Crash report : when processing with some audio type
[VSA-1353] - OSX - VideoStitch marks .pts files with VS icon in OSX's finder
[VSA-1367] - Linux - Shared memory not always released
[VSA-1404] - Update link for CUDA drivers in the mac installer
Posted on January 8, 2014 by Nils Duval

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