Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v2.1.0

This release introduces a new photometric calibration algorithm, to improve exposure compensation and lenses’ vignetting effect, as well as new exciting features: undo/redo and historic, inputs cropping tool, and better audio conversion and management.

[VSA-3494] - Support for youtube 360 video
[VSA-3651] - I can crop my inputs in Studio
[VSA-3188] - Add undo/redo options and an historic
[VSA-3603] - I can easily configure audio in Studio
[VSA-3550] - I check for beta and stable updates
[VSA-3264] - Properly close a project to open a new clean one
[VSA-3198] - Suggest to reduce the output size when an out of memory error appears
[VSA-2792] - Space bar shortcut to play/pause when adjusting frame offset
[VSA-2550] - Use relative path rather than absolute path
[VSA-3083] - Support drag and drop on dock icon
Bug Fixes
[VSA-3286] - Stabilization works in GUI, doesn't work when processing project
[VSA-3299] - Apply external calibration clears the output exposure
[VSA-3309] - Clear stabilisation does nothing
[VSA-3497] - Enable / disable source video doesn't work when rendering
[VSA-3194] - Masks in a PTGui template are not updated when calibration is updated
[VSA-3488] - Clear sequence in exposure compensation doesn't work
[VSA-3269] - Change output size to a size larger than GPU can handle breaks Studio
[VSA-3206] - Show a warning if my GPU doesn't have the required compute capability
Known issues:
* Some Unicode characters are not supported in file/path names -> fixed in v2.1.1 except for still images inputs
* Output file does not contain all the frames on the sequence -> fixed in v2.1.1
* If you open a ptv file, some options like audio and GOP are erased -> fixed in v2.1.1
* Crop interface needs to be improved -> fixed in v2.1.1
* "Clear sequence" button doesn't work -> fixed in v2.1.1
* Input videos with audio and a variable framerate are not processed correctly (output fps is wrong). It works without audio.
Posted on July 21, 2015 by Claire

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