Changelog for Vahana VR v1.0.0

This release introduces an audio workflow, to converting the input audio when needed, to picking the desired output audio. The audio output UI is completely redesigned to guide the user through the possible audio config. It also enables you to crop your video inputs directly in the software. Last but not least, there are enhanced codec options: AAC audio codec is now supported and you can manually add h264 advanced settings.

[VSA-3463] - Video input crop directly in the UI, no need to use a 3rd party software
[VSA-2781] - Possibility to add command line h264 advanced settings
[VSA-3660] - Redesign the audio output UI to guide the user through the configs
[VSA-3575] - Audio converter in order to support most audio inputs
[VSA-3563] - Support of AAC audio codec
[VSA-3540] - Manually elect the output audio bitrate
[VSA-3566] - Support Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI capture
Bug Fixes
[VSA-3537] - Display kbps unit for bitrate but use bps in the .vah file
[VSA-3335] - Better management of low GPU memory (when opening a config)
[VSA-3377] - Decklink NTSC/PAL fix (720x486)
[VSA-3471] - Vahana does not need to be run as an administrator
[VSA-3490] - Improve linear blending
[VSA-3503] - Changing Decklink configuration does not update the project
[VSA-3552] - Decklink discovery fix
[VSA-3559] - RTMP bug / Too much packets waiting to be muxed
[VSA-3577] - Output fps is the inputs one, we don't do live resampling (30fps by default)
[VSA-3670] - RTMP audio
[VSA-3551] - Remove RTMP URL field auto-correction
Known issues
* cudart64_60.dll missing error message: please ignore this message, it is not needed
* If your microphone or audio input name uses unicode caracters (for instance Asiatic characters), you will need to manually rename it in your Windows configuration panel
* RTMP with audio is not supported. Moreover, RTMP address is not accepting "&" character. It can be hacked by entering the address manually directly in the .vah
* There are issues with the output Decklink cards. Output 4K is problematic, and changing Decklink configuration might lead to a crash
Posted on June 1, 2015 by Claire

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