Best Camera for Landscape Photography (2020)

Photography is an art form that is increasingly popular these days. Everyone is hoping to capture some breathtaking moments through this platform. Landscapes are all the hype these days. A camera is a huge investment for anyone who wants to explore. As a group of budding photography enthusiasts, we can suggest to you it’s the love of your life. You want to make a careful investment in your equipment.

There are lenses and additional tools like tripods to invest in as well. In this article, we will cover all the details about the best camera for landscapes photography. You can find the best pick to capture the perfect moment.

Best Camera for Landscapes Photography: Buyer’s Guide

As a buyer, you need to keep a few things in mind. These will help you to make a sensible purchase decision. We hope to provide you with a fantastic viewing and photography experience. Follow these basic sets of guidelines before making your decision.

1. Type of Camera

It is crucial to identify the type of camera which suits your photography style. There are tons of unique options available currently. You can explore your options by browsing through online seller pages. Some big brand names are also there to consider. The lineups are enormous as you can choose from Digital, DSLR, and Mirrorless cameras. There are further divisions in these categories. In all honesty, it can be not very clear for a beginner. For top-notch landscape photography, we recommend the good old DSLR camera. 

2. Lenses

The lens decides your picture quality, exposure, and every minute detail. It is safe to say that you need these to improve your art. They are the backbone of your landscape photography. Your camera device is the brains of the operation, and the lens acts as the soul. It adds depth and emotion to your work. Many photographers say the lens is more important than the camera. It gives essential information like the aperture and depth of field. You can change the way you take pictures with a simple lens switch. 

3. Sensor

The sensor of your camera decides the processing of images. It is a small microchip in your camera body that holds all the power. The viewfinder on your camera shows you the reality. The sensor tries to replicate it in the best possible manner. 

There are two types of sensors available currently. The full-frame and crop sensors help to do the task. In the case of landscape photography, we recommend Full frame sensors. As the sensor size increases the quality is also going to improve. 

List Of Best Camera for Landscapes Photography:

Now that we have the basics of camera hunting clear. Let’s take a look at some fantastic cameras for landscapes photography. Here is our guide which will help you in this regard.

1. Canon EOS 2000D

Canon is a famous brand in the photography industry. Their equipment is top-notch and brings you the best results. Our first pick is a budget option that will suit the beginners. As a new photographer, there can be a lot of minute things you need to purchase. The all in one kit which we are mentioning here will solve your problems. Users get everything they need in a single bundle. The camera is fantastic, and it is an irresistible deal for many. You get three lenses, a tripod, flash, memory card, a carry bag, and many goodies. You cannot go wrong with this investment.

Key features:

  • It is the best purchase for entry-level photographers. 
  • You get a 24.1 MP high-resolution APS-C sensor. 
  • The optical viewfinder is great for beginners. 
  • It comes with connectivity options like WiFi and NFC. 
  • Users get access to full HD recording with this camera. 
What we like
  • The design is quite ergonomic and fits your hands perfectly. 
  • You can cover 95% of the frame with the viewfinder. 
  • Users get a 500 Shot battery life with the device. 
  • The camera clicks perfect shots in outdoor conditions with decent lighting. 
  • Customers can rely on a large sensor for great quality pictures. 
What we Dislike
  • There is no 4K capability on this camera. 
  • It has a fixed and non-touch sensitive screen for customers. 
  • The model has been in the market since 2018.

2. Pentax K-70 Weather-Sealed DSLR Camera

Let’s move ahead from the beginner level of cameras. The Pentax K-70 is the perfect camera for outdoor use. Anyone can try it out for the perfect shot. We recommend it to all our readers. The weather-sealed DSLR camera is a sturdy purchase. Pentax is a fantastic niche brand that appeals to explorers. Their products are effective and precise. It improves from the Canon 2000D in many aspects. 

Key features:

  • There is in-body shake resistance to avoid hazy clicks. 
  • It comes with a dustproof, and weather-resistant body build for harsh conditions. 
  • The multi-angle LCD monitor gives you manoeuvrability for the screen. 
  • You get modern features like WiFi support for wireless PhotographyPhotography. 
  • Users can connect their smartphones to the camera. 
What we like
  • It has a unique night vision setting for low light PhotographyPhotography. 
  • You get an 18-55mm WR lens with this purchase. 
  • The sensor is 24 MP APS-C which is excellent for capturing breathtaking shots. 
  • It has both manual and autofocus features. 
What we Dislike
  • Some people face the aperture block issue, which is rarely found. 
  • It’s an old model which is excellent in use but lacks updates. 

3. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (Body Only)

The Olympus brand is known for its iconic camera design. Their black silver finish is trendy among the masses. It is the first pick in this guide which doesn’t come with a lens. Maybe it is for the best because you get tons of options. It is also a mirrorless addition. The latest technology is available with this purchase. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this is the perfect purchase. You can have a sturdy device without a breakable mirror on the inside. It is also quite slim and easy to carry around. 

Key features:

  • You can get smooth pictures and videos with in-body image stabilization. 
  • There is a touch to focus feature which lets you improve work. 
  • The camera comes with built-in art filters for your pictures. 
  • It has an advanced photo mode for your landscapes photography needs. 
  • Users can enjoy ULTRA HD 4K video with this camera. 
What we like
  • Modern features like WiFi sync help you view photos across all devices. 
  • The auto mode senses your surroundings to give the best results. It is perfect for beginners. 
  • It comes with a built-in flash for close up pictures at night. 
  • The sensor size is micro four thirds which are responsible for the small size. 
  • The lightweight device weighs in at 0.90 lbs without the lens. 
What we Dislike
  • The optical zoom is not that great on the camera. 
  • It would be best if you bought the lenses separately.

4. Nikon D850 FX-format

The Nikon D850 is by far the most expensive and premium camera on this list. It is the perfect purchase for professionals. People who are passionate about PhotographyPhotography will spend this kind of money. The D850 has got to be the best camera for landscape photography. It packs in all the necessary features that a cameraman needs. You can expect a high resolution, speed, and precision in every shot. It is a versatile purchase and landscapes are an easy task. 

Key features:

  • It comes with a back-side illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor. 
  • You get an immense 45.7 megapixels with this camera. 
  • The EXPEED 5 technology quickly processes all the image data in seconds. 
  • Users can expect to see low noise, more comprehensive dynamic range and extreme detail within your pictures. 
  • The autofocus on this machine is impeccable even in low light conditions. 
What we like
  • The device can take shots at 7FPS speeds for maximum motion control shots. 
  • You can create 4K time-lapse landscape shots with this camera. 
  • The LCD utilizes Tilt to give you comfort while shooting. It also touches sensitive. 
  • It comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity features. 
  • The 24-120mm lens is excellent for precision shots. 
What we Dislike
  • It is an old model that has been in the business since 2018.

5. Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha series brings you one of the best mirrorless cameras in the business. The ultra-lightweight and sleek design peaks interest. They were the first ones to bring this new technology to the world. Their device deserves a spot on this impressive list.  There are some enthralling use case scenarios for this machine. It is also great for outdoor PhotographyPhotography with the huge 18-135mm lens attachment.

Key features:

  • It has the fastest autofocus in the world with 0.02 response time. 
  • You can see fast and accurate capture with its 11FPS continuous shooting. 
  • There is a 24.2 MP raw and transparent sensor on this product. 
  • It uses a compact APS-C CMOS sensor which keeps the size small. 
  • Users can take amazing natural 4K landscape shots with this product. 
What we like
  • The 180-degree tiltable screen is perfect for self-recording. 
  • It has a touch screen display which can be useful in many cases. 
  • Users get a 7x optical zoom with this device. 
  • You get real-time object tracking with the sensor. 
  • There is a decent low light performance with this purchase.


Finding the best camera for landscapes photography is a challenge. In this guide, we cover some of the best options available in the market. We are also providing the amazon purchase links for your use.  You can make your selection from our top 5 picks. These will give you great results in the outdoors.

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