Best 11×17 Color Laser Printers in 2020

So, all of us are pretty familiar with printers. After all, these are the devices that got us through those projects and meetings. Well, as we know that technology is ever-developing, it has introduced us to color laser printers. A laser printer is a printer variant that uses laser technology and electro-photographic methods in its operations. A color laser printer improves the design further by using four toner cartridges for the printing process. These cartridges that use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black colors are the signature aspects of the best 11×17 color laser printers.

Best 11×17 Color Laser Printers in 2020

This article comprises the best 11×17 color laser printer reviews. It analyses the pros and cons of using different models and also sheds light on some of the frequently asked questions regarding the products. Additionally, a buying guide is provided to help you with the purchase.

1. Lexmark’s C3326dw Color Laser Printer

Now try to picture a functioning printer in your head. What is that one feature that you desire the most in the product? Chances are the ability to print both ways.

Printing can indeed be tedious when it needs to be done on both sides of the paper. The C3326dw model takes care of that with its ability to print on both sides.

The product has a very compact design and its tray capacity is ideal for both business and personal usage. The wireless design and the WiFi connectivity of the device is also something that is bound to grab your eyeballs.

To guarantee the security of your information, Lexmark has equipped the device with its signature feature of full-spectrum security architecture. The printer is capable of printing op to 26 pages per minute.


  • Tray Capacity: 250 pages
  • Processor: 1GHz Dual Core
  • Memory Space: 512MB
  • Weight: 35.5-pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, Google Cloud
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 16.2 x 9.6 inches


  • Capable of two-sided printing
  • Wireless design helps in easy and fast setup
  • Suitable for printing via mobile devices
  • Supports Air print and Google Cloud Print
  • Good quality cartridges and imaging components come with the guarantee of a long life. Hence they need to be changed less frequently.


  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Despite being equipped with security features, there remains an impending risk of your information getting leaked due to the printer using cloud storage.
  • Lacks touch screen control.
  • It is not ideal for printing good quality pictures.

All these features make the product, one of the most sought after color laser printers for sale. Using the product is indeed a smart choice.


2. Canon’s Pixma TR8520 All-in-One Printer

Canon ups the game with one of the best color laser printers that you can find. As is evident from the name, this printer is suited for all kinds of operations. These include mobile printing, photo and document printing, Google cloud printing, scanning, faxing, among others.

The model is ideal for both personal and professional usage and has a compact design. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity along with Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, this color laser printer supports mobile printing with ease. You can even find connectivity options for USB and Ethernet.

Previously the lack of all these options made a printer pretty limited in its usage. But modern technology has improved the devices a lot and Canon has been quick in adapting to the change.

This printer is provided with a 4.3-inches LCD screen with touch-screen controls for easier handling. A memory card slot is also provided in the body of the printer.


  • Tray Capacity: 250 pages
  • Modem Speed: Up to 33.6KBps
  • Memory Space: 512MB
  • Weight: 17.5-pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth v5.0, Cloud-4
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 13.8 x 7.5 inches


  • Capable of two-sided printing
  • Supports memory card storage
  • The 5 colors individual ink system of the printer makes it ideal for printing good quality photos along with document printing
  • The body is equipped with an LCD screen with touch screen controls for easy handling


  • The usage of cloud storage features creates an impending risk of data getting leaked
  • Users not comfortable with the touch screen controls will find it difficult to use this printer

Canon is a very reputed brand when it comes to such devices. And they did not let us down in this instance as well.

3. WorkForce’s WF-7210 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

This is one of the most stylish designs amongst the color laser printers. The color graphics provided by this printer are some of the best that you can find.

A feature that makes this printer stand out is the low ink warning. Right from the time of installation, the printer keeps track of the ink quantity in the system and alerts the users when it finishes.

The WF-7210 printer uses Epson cartridges which are certifiably amongst the best in the market. These cartridges ensure good quality printing and color laser technology improves the feature.

Wireless connectivity makes it possible to print via mobile devices. A 2.2-inch LCD is integrated into the body of the printer for easier handling.

The most prominent among its printing is the quality of black texts. You can get a very sharp result for the same.


  • Tray Capacity: 500 pages (input) & 125 pages (output)
  • Modem Speed: Up to 18KBps
  • Memory Space: 512MB
  • Weight: 32.8-pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, NFC
  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 22.3 x 12.7 inches


  • Capable of two-sided printing
  • A rear feed is provided for specialty paper
  • 80% less power consumption
  • Uses 4 Epson cartridges each of different colors for good quality printing
  • The low ink warning system prevents it from running out of ink


  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • It only uses Epson cartridges for working. Hence there is no option for using other cartridges
  • 2.2-inches of LCD might be a bit small for some individuals

This printer is pretty much within budget and very easy-to-use. If you are looking for a printer for personal use with easy to manage features, this might be the product for you.


4. The Brother Inkjet Printer

Brother is a relatively new brand when it comes to technical appliances. But they have grown considerably within this short time and their quality products are proof of that. The MFCJ6945DW printer is an all-in-one model and one of the best releases from the brand

What makes this printer stand out amongst the rest is the capacity of its ink tank. The manufacturers have provided special emphasis in this matter and have given the product an increased ink tank capacity from the previous variants.

At the time of purchase, the quantity of ink provided in the tank is sufficient to support the 1-year worth of printing. Furthermore, a low ink warning system is equipped in the device that ensures that the device never runs out of ink.

The device has several connectivity options as well which makes it suitable for printing via mobile devices. Additionally, a 3.7-inches touch screen display helps in easy handling of the device. This printer is capable of faxing and scanning operations as well.


  • Tray Capacity: 500 pages (total for two trays)
  • Modem Speed: Not available
  • Memory Space: Not available
  • Weight: 53.1-pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0, NFC
  • Dimensions: 22.6 x 14.9 x 18.8 inches


  • ADF of 50 pages makes it ideal for professional use
  • The printer is capable of printing around 22 pages per minute
  • Low ink capacity warning system is equipped in the body
  • 1-years’ worth of ink is provided at the time of purchase


  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • The bulky design results in a heavier model. This adds to its non-portability.

The multiple trays in the model make it ideal for business use. You can go for this one if fast printing is your priority.


5. Epson’s Expression XP-15000 Color Wide-Format Printer

Yes, apart from producing good quality printer cartridges, Epson is also a major manufacturer of printers. And this model from the brand might be one of their bests.

This printer is specially designed to function using the Epson cartridges. These are useful for printing good quality photographs. Add to it the in-built low ink warning feature.

While most printers use 4 color cartridges, namely the CYMK one, this model adds two cartridges in its working. These are of the red and grey inks. These add improved clarity to the printed photographs.

The printer has a very compact design that makes it suitable for personal and professional use as well. It also adds to the portability of the appliance.

Both wireless and wired connectivity is supported by the printer, making it quite versatile. You can easily from your mobile devices and your desktop device as well.


  • Tray Capacity: 200 pages (front) & 50 pages for specialty media (rear)
  • Modem Speed: Not available
  • Memory Space: Memory card not supported
  • Weight: 18.7-pounds
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • Dimensions: 30.9 x 18.7 x 16.2 inches


  • Capable of performing both side printing
  • Additional color cartridges are provided for improved picture quality
  • Fast printing speed makes it ideal for professional purposes
  • Low ink alert system ensures the printer never runs out of ink


  • The printer only uses Epson cartridges for its operation. This makes it difficult for some users since the cartridges are pretty expensive
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity of the device is not very well developed.

This is easily one of the most sought after color laser printers for sale. The reason for this being the high-quality photographs, the printer is capable of printing.


6. The HP Officejet Pro 7720 Wide Format Printer

Last but not the least, HP enters the list with one of the best 11×17 color laser printers that you can find. HP is no stranger to quality appliances and this is certainly one from their portfolio.

The appliance is capable of scanning and faxing operations as well. The cartridges being used are some of the best ones from HP itself. This makes the device the best choice for the printing of flyers, brochures, and posters besides documents.

The wireless connectivity feature of the printer makes it easier to connect with a mobile device and print using it. An automatic document feeder is also integrated into the printer which makes it capable of printing around 30000 outputs per month.

The device is best suited for small businesses and personal usage. A color touchscreen display is also provided for easy navigability.


  • Tray size: 250 pages (input) & 75 pages (output)
  • Weight: 34-pounds
  • Connectivity: Ethernet and USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 23.0 x 17.5 x 12.1


  • Capable of performing both side printing
  • ADF capacity of 35 pages ensures faster working
  • The printer is capable of printing around 22 black outputs per minute and 18 color outputs
  • High-yield cartridges ensure good quality printing
  • The printer even has fast scanning features


  • Wi-Fi connectivity is not provided
  • The printer only works by using cartridges produced by HP
  • The printer does not print high definition photographs

HP surely knows how to grab the attention of the customers. And this almost perfect printer is a testament to that.

Buying Guide:

Picking any one of these printers is easier said than done. Each of these products has unique features and eye candy exteriors. Hence it is very likely for normal users to get confused about which one to select. This buying guide has been created to help you out in such scenarios.

What is the major difference between a printer and a color laser printer?

A color laser printer will use 4 color cartridges namely the CYMK ones along with electro-photographic methods in its working. In comparison, a printer has a lot of types and the basic ones use only one cartridge, the black one. There are even more developed printers than color laser ones.

Additionally, a color laser printer, in most cases, is equipped with faxing and scanning functions as well. That is something significantly absent from a “normal” printer.

Factors to consider when buying a color laser printer:

The following are some of the important factors you need to consider when buying a color laser printer. These will ensure that you are making the ideal purchase.

  • Type: Based on your need you must select the type of printer that you want. Now there are laser printers and color laser printers. The laser ones are less expensive and offer good printing speed and color. Color laser printers are pretty expensive although they offer better features in most cases. Hence choose the type as per your needs.
  • Usage: Also determine how you want to use the printer. Now we know that the color laser printer offers excellent print quality. Some are even ideal for high definition photograph printing. If you only want to print documents, choose the model accordingly. If you are interested in printing good quality photos, posters, brochures, select the model accordingly as well. 
  • Connectivity: You must check the connectivity provided on the device. It will be ideal if you select a model with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity or one with at least two of these.
  • Speed and maintenance: You must opt for a product with faster printing speeds. For the maintenance, check out the costs of new ink cartridges, spare parts, and their durability. Also, check the warranty period of the printer as it will keep you covered on all the maintenance costs.


1Q. What is a wide-format or 11x17 color laser printer?

Ans: As the name suggests, a wide-format printer is a printing device that is capable of printing files within a width range of 18 to 100-inches. The ones that touch the 100-inch mark are known as the super wide variants.

The usage of these printers is manifold in daily life. The likes of these include wallpaper printing, document printing, photograph printing, the printing of brochures, posters among others. This versatility is guaranteed by simply the width factor of the printed outputs.

2Q. What are the benefits of the best 11x17 color laser printers?

Ans: The benefits of these printers are many. Be it photographs or documents, or brochures, these printers guarantee the best printing results. Additionally, these printers use the electro-photographic technology that is prominently used in photocopy machines. Most of them are equipped with low ink alert systems. 

These devices can then be used to control the entire printing process. It adds to the comfort of the user when the operations are commencing and adds to the reasons why these printers are the favorites amongst the customers. The connectivity features of these printers are also improved. You can connect them easily with your mobile devices and your desktop devices.

3Q. What is the working procedure of a laser color printer?

Ans: Initially, the commercial laser printers were limited to only monochrome printing that is the used black writing on white paper. But, with time the improvements brought features for the electrostatic image. This feature first started for one colour. It helps to put the toner unit into position. Then, it goes ahead with the application of colour to the paper and continues with the same process repeatedly for the next colour.

4Q. How does a colour laser printer operate in a different manner from that of a regular laser printer?

Ans: For colour versions, the printing process repeats around 4 times. It breaks the sequence and prints the toner colour of cyan, magenta is yellow and black. Again each colour requires the availability of a separate image drum. In this case, the printer puts the ink on the paper with the help of a matrix that is of small dots. 

5Q. Can my laser printer print even black and white tones?

Ans: The colour laser printers only make use of the black toner which is in the form of a tiny amount of yellow. This happens while printing a page that contains only black and grey text or images of a similar colour. But, if you get into the situation where there is no more colour toner, then you will have the option for selecting monochrome in the print settings and it will definitely print in black and white. 

6Q. Are the laser colour printers worth the price paid for them?

Ans: Though the laser colour printers are available in different price ranges, yet each of them will serve the purpose. If you need to print medium quality colour images, then you don’t have to go behind finding a printer with tonal and colour depth range. It is a recommendation to go for the colour laser printers over the inkjet printers because the laser toner does not start drying up when unused. Moreover, you can print more pages with the help of laser toner cartridges when compared to the inkjet cartridges. 

7Q. Should I buy a laser or inkjet printer? Which of the two will serve my needs?

Ans: You should get a laser printer when you require printing high volumes of black and white documents. Laser printers are also faster when compared to inkjet printers. Again, if you require printing colour printouts, then you must look for the colour laser printers that are equipped with the highest capacity paper trays. It will also have the ability to print more pages at a given time. But, you must remember that the normal laser printers do not print colour photos like the inkjet printers. Now the decision is based on your preferences and requirements. 

Laser printers are better for printing documents while inkjet printers will be better for printing photos. If you want to keep the cost per page at a low level, then laser printers will be a good option for you. They are comparatively cheaper. On the contrary, the inkjet printers usually take less room when compared to the laser printers.


Before we conclude, we must say that this list of color laser printers is not a ranking in any shape or form. Each of the printers in this list is capable of being deemed the best 11×17 color laser printer. You just need to pick the ideal one from the lot.

If you want to go as per the popular choice then select the Canon’s Pixma TR8520 All-in-One Printer. This is one of the best models as per the features goes and is also available at an affordable price. Many customers have used the product and are satisfied with the results.

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